NEWQUAY VOICE (15/04/2020) | Reserves manager Simon York is encouraging the community to get behind Newquay AFC as they look to build on a successful 2019-20 campaign, writes Tom Howe.
During his first season in charge of the Peppermints – and prior to the coronavirus outbreak – York led a developing Newquay side to ninth spot in the East Cornwall Premier League (ECPL) and recreated a buzz around the team following a few years in the doldrums.
Following a sideways move from the Cornwall Combination League ahead of the 2017-18 campaign, the Peppermints went on to finish eighth (of 12) and ninth (of ten) before kicking on during the current campaign, with York and his assistant Scott Robinson setting their sights on promotion to the St Piran League for the 2021-22 season. To help them achieve that goal, and to benefit the wider club, York is appealing for the public to give their time to the Peppermints, with a wide range of options open to anybody who would like to get involved.
“With the committee behind us, we had a very successful 2019 but we need additional help to push us on,” said York. “I travel down from Plymouth at least twice a week. I am very committed to the players and I can see the commitment coming back to me through my players as well.
“There is something positive going on. With the history of the club and Newquay being as big as it is, we want to drive the club on and need people behind us. When it comes to sponsorship, it doesn’t have to be financial, it is whether you can give time up to come down on a matchday and volunteer. We are looking for a goalkeeping coach also, for somebody to come and donate just a few hours of their time.
“Most importantly, we are looking to get the club back to where it used to be so come down and support your local team. We have got a very young team and had an average age of 22. It is about development. We are looking at getting Newquay back to where it used to be. There are positive vibes going on and we want people to come in and say that ‘Newquay is the team for me going forward’. From players to companies and individuals, come down and see what we are all about. There are very young players who are looking to push forward and there is a pathway to go into the first team. They are ambitious to go forward as well. You have got a chance of going somewhere. The whole club has got a very good thing going so this is a good time to get involved.”
Newquay reserves were founder members of the Cornwall Combination League back in 1959-60 – winning the title in both 1972-73 and 1974-75 – but fast forward a few years and a tough 2016-17 campaign saw the Peppermints deducted 12 points and prompted a rethink, with the team shifting themselves into the East Cornwall League for the following season.
“We are going to give it everything next year to get promoted,” continued York, following the team’s rapid progress at Premier Division level, having played at the now defunct Division One stage for the previous two seasons. “The committee believes there is something going on there. The first team has got involved, so have the committee, and there is a lot of development at the club. We are not holding back. We are looking to better the club – working on the clubhouse, the toilets, the floodlights, the pitch. Any expertise that you have that you think might be of benefit to Newquay, I am sure that the committee would be open to listening to your ideas.
“I came down and thought, ‘this is a big task’. It still is but we are putting smiles on faces. I have a laugh doing what I am doing. These are exciting times. There is more of a family atmosphere. Everyone supports each other. The whole family can get involved in football.
“The results are getting better and better every week. The atmosphere is there, the communication is getting better and we are having more and more supporters come in every week. We are going to give it our all. If you want to support Newquay as a football club but also as a community, come down.
“Grassroots is an area that needs to be developed from top to bottom. Without a financial infrastructure and a bit of help, these grassroots clubs are going to die off. There are a lot of people that are committed but I have seen teams that go week by week. If you can get out there and support a grassroots team and help push it forward, that is going to benefit everyone.”
For more information on Newquay AFC, or to get involved yourself, you can search for the club across either Facebook or Twitter, where contact details are available.

Newquay AFC reserves’ manager Simon York, front, watches on from the touchline alongside his assistant Scott Robinson