Welcome to our official sponsorship page for the 2020/21 football season, allowing you the opportunity to see the various ways that you can contribute to the future prosperity of Newquay Football Club.

During last season many changes have happened at the club off the field, the appointment of a new chairman, a new treasurer, a new secretary and the appointment of a newly evolved fresh thinking committee with strong local connections and reputation.

We feel there is an exciting future ahead for this club. The main reason to sponsor one of our teams is to help support a local grassroots football club, which is run by volunteers.

With spiraling costs involved with the running of a football club many could not survive without the help and generosity of the businesses and individuals that take up various forms of sponsorship.

Enclosed in our brochure are the various ways that businesses and individuals can support Newquay Football Club, while gaining valuable exposure at the same time.

We have made the various packages that are on offer as cost effective as possible and feel that the level of exposure we offer can be valuable to businesses of any size.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this brochure, and hopefully engaging in the sponsorship packages enclosed.

Paul Barlow (Club Chairman)